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  • We support your...


    Striving to help you pursue your dreams.
  • Our commitment to

    Cultural Diversity

    In provision of support to our clients.
  • Assisting with...

    Educational Skills

    As per individual needs/preference/choices.
  • Agape Care Services


    We are all about participants realizing their potential and being fully productive members of the community.

We Unlock Barriers We assist you to achieve your goals We support your independence

Agape Care Services

We promote independence, wellbeing and provide services designed to meet participants’
everyday needs and support them to achieve their goals.

Personal Support

A professional support giver in the home will deliver one-on-one support and will provide support that matches the needs of the person.

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Agape Care Services is all about participants realizing their potential and being fully productive members of the community through provision of supports assisted by family, friends and advocates.

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At Agape Care Services we strive to help you pursue your dreams.

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Our Vision

We aim to passionately deliver supports and become the best provider of choice for people with disability

Our Moto

Agape Care Services
we believe in your abilities

Our Mission

To provide superior quality supports that:
  • participants, their family, friends and advocates recommend
  • Agape Care Services staff are proud of
  • community respects

Our Values and Principles


  1. we respect cultural and ethical diversity
  2. the right to choose, confidentiality and privacy
  3. rights to dignity, independence and individuality
  4. the right to not be discriminated against


We promise to act responsibly, honestly and ethically and in the best interest of the client at all times.


We partner with clients, family and all stakeholders to make every decision.


We recognise everyone’s human rights including the right to a fair and just living.


We endeavour to become the Service provider of choice through outstanding performance.
we can help you with...
  • Assisting with grocery shopping
  • Life skills/developmental transition
  • Socialising or meeting new friend
    (group activity participation)
  • Assisting with simple life skills
    for individuals with disability
  • Assisting with transportation
    (educating access on use of public transport)
  • Educational support/vocational/recreational activities support

    Why choose Agape Care Services?

    • We provide our participants inclusive, versatile, personalised and culturally appropriate solutions that will assist you to achieve your goals.
    • We give you culturally sensitive assistance by employing experienced and qualified indigenous staff who will be sensitive to each participant’s culture & identity.
    • We support our participants and the family members as well as carers in a genuine, respectful and non-judgemental manner while they work to obtain their desired goals.
    • We respect your individual rights while working towards helping to make decisions regarding how you as an individual would prefer to live life.
    • We appreciate how difficult it can be to invite people inside your household as well as your life, so we comply with strict privacy and confidentiality policies, follow your house rules as well as value the boundaries you may have put in place.

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